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Image by Trisha Downing





AMARIASAREES is dedicated space for all handloomSarees and handcrafted products from all across India.

Amaria is a specifically curated space that celebrates the richness of India's handloom and hand crafted Sarees.

The march towards modernity has become synonymous with westerner leading to the disappearance of the saree, the kurta, the dupatta, limiting them to religious ceremonies.

Even more unfortunately the saree in particular has vanished from our streets , offices and parties.

Since time immemorial the saree has inspired our culture and tradition therefore we are inspired to re introduce the beauty of handwoven traditional sarees in the contemporary context of pairing with chic tops , jackets and belts to lure younger generation back into our traditional wear .

Amaria is an outcome of the incessant love for all things made and crafted with love by Indian artisans.

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