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Kalamkari from wikipedia

The Srikalahasti style of Kalamkari is one of the two styles of Kalamkari works present in India, with the other being, Machilipatnam style. Kalam in persian language means Pen is used for hand drawing and coloring.The usage of pen involves two types, one for drawing made from bamboo, the other for drawing. The coloring process involves usage of only natural dyes which are extracted from flowers and vegetables. All together the entire process involves seventeen steps like block making, cloth treating, printing, washing etc.

The Srikalahasti style is used mostly to narrate the religious myths and epics stories on the fabric and also the saris of this style are most notable for its borders and pallu.

Base fabric: Handwover pure mulberry silk from Manipur weavers

Kalamkari art done by artist from Andhra Pradesh ,hence its one of the unique piece of two State’s artist coming together to make this masterpiece


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