Assam Bodo Dokhna Weave
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Assam Bodo Dokhna Handloom saree

Color: Slate grey with yellow border

No Blouse piece

Being Handloom on new set color may be a shade lighter/darker

Bodoland Beckons!

Sublime & Subtle yet so outrageously beautiful and attractive are the traditional authentic outfits worn by Bodo women from the Bodoland' BODO DOKHNA'.
Bodo Dokhna come in immense colour variants.Some of which are pure as white and few are intense like the strength of 'red blood'. The Bodos have a distinct culture that makes them stand out from the rest of the world especially with their attires. The Dokhna are worn by brides and women from all ages as an elegant wrap from the chest to the ankle. Just like a woman is all capable to mould herself into various forms.
These Dokhna are a true reflection of a woman's grace asthey can be easily moulded into sarees as well. 'Bodo Dokhna' here are soft cotton drapes that have motifs inspired from nature.Among the popular designs that can be found widely on Bodo attire used by women are Hajw Agor(Design of hills), Phareo Megan(design like pigeon eye), Phul Mwbla(varieties of bloomed flowers), Muphur Alpha ( design representing the footprint of bear) and many more.
These weaves have been reinterpreted as Dokhna from the foothills of Himalayas by strong women of the Bodoland'.These sarees are a saga of their strength and patriotism.