About Us

AriaEthnic is a specifically curated space that celebrates the richness of Indias handloom. 

The march towards modernity has become synonymous with western wear leading to the disappearance of the saree the kurta the dupatta limiting them to religious ceremonies. Even more unfortunately the saree in particular has vanished from our streets offices and parties. 

Since time immemorial the saree has inspired our culture and tradition therefore we are inspired to re introduce the beauty of handwoven traditional sarees in the contemporary context back into your wardrobe. 

Each piece in our collection is exclusively handcrafted with love and is a homage to the pure and unadulterated legacy of the looms. Aria Ethnic is an outcome of the incessant love for sarees.

AMY ARIBAM (FOUNDER): Winner of #DigitalWomenAward2018 Orgnised by #ShethepeopleTV Supported by #BombayStockExchange #CNBCTV18 #BusinessStandard #AxisBak #DaMilano


For the last 9 years, I was working, in fact thriving, in the corporate sector. But deep down inside, I knew what my real calling was as I was always intrigued by fashion since my young years. Despite my hectic schedule, I used to derive pleasure out of styling my friends. After the birth of my daughter, Aria, I decided to pursue my calling, left my job and started Aria Ethnic to re-ignite handloom saree back in fashion as well as support million of weavers to have healthy and prosperous lifestyle.